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Creator & Designer of Rise Boutique

I'm Vanessa, the creator of Rise Boutique. When you support Rise, you are supporting an independent artist, a womxn of color, a proud mother of two, and a member of a fierce community of womxn, creators, and activists. I created Rise Boutique as both a creative outlet, as well as a means of continuing my passion work of empowering womxn and our allies, and creating a platform to validate our unique strengths, beauties, value, and contributions to the world. My creations serve as a reminder of our inner power and to see ourselves fully, to seek connection between our daily lives and higher purpose, and support us in manifesting the highest intentions in our selves, our communities, and our world. Thank you for sharing this journey of (re)discovery with me.

Chelsey Everest

Founder, The Common Room

Chelsey Everest is a writer and literary instructor from Portland, Maine. Her first essay, "Write It Down," appeared in The New York Times bestselling anthology Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It and was excerpted on the website Read It Forward. Her first poem, "Women's March," appeared in the anthology Such An Ugly Time by Rat's Ass Review. For the past three years, Everest has been running a writing workshop for college women to address their experiences with campus sexual assault, which has now been taught on over five different college campuses and will be featured in her forthcoming first book. Everest teaches composition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and owns and operates the feminist art gallery The Common Room. She resides outside of Philadelphia with her husband and their beloved dog.

Brittany Brathwaite & Mickey Ferrara

Creators of The Homegirl Box

Brittany and Mickey are two dope superheroine soul-sisters working for justice while living, loving and creating magic from Brooklyn! We are fearless leaders, movement builders, and girl activators who have come to love and understand the importance of sisterhood. We stay talking about the power of sisterhood in the communities we work in and what it means to show up for each other in a real way. The Homegirl Box gives voice and power to the vision of the world we want to live in. A world where women are celebrated for their superpowers and acknowledged for all of who they are.

The Homegirl Box is a gift box inspired by the life and legacy of bold and visionary women of color. Past boxes include Audre Lorde, Cardi B, and Frida Kahlo. Their most recent box is Angela Davis and is available as of March 2, 2018!

Eva Wo


Eva Wo is a gifted queer mixed race photographer, videographer and curator in Philadelphia. She works with local queer event organizers, activists, performers, artists, and sex workers through a reciprocal approach that aims to empower and uplift collaborators through a uniquely sensitive and responsive process. Her work centers and creates visibility for queer, trans, and nonbinary folks, particularly those who do not see representations of themselves in media, and those who have been made to feel invisible and marginalized. Eva is also a 2018 grantee of the Leeway Foundations's highly competitive Transformation Award. See link below for her latest project, the Hot Bits Film Festival, which highlights and celebrates queer erotic films.

Luzifer Priest


Luzifer Priest is a Philadelphia based Songstress, Model, and Burlesque performer who performs with the Raspberry Royale burlesque troupe. In addition to modeling, making music, and performing, she works on other collaborative arts projects with queer and POC artists from all over Philadelphia and beyond. Her recent project is Lifting the Veil, an exploration of the mind, body, and spirit, and a collaborative art collection, with each day featuring a piece co-created with another artist. Lifting the Veil this year has evolved into a 3-day Dark Arts Festival coming this Fall 2018.

Tina Furr


Tina Furr hails from Philly, and is currently working in the very important field of abortion care. She is focusing her attention and energy into reproductive justice and uplifting the voices of women of color in regards to their/our bodily autonomy and access to healthcare with dignity.

Brandon Little


Brandon Little is a free spirit and beautiful human. He is a gifted musician, specializing percussion as basically one of the dopest drummers you ever saw. He currently works as a performer and sales person for a company selling rave lights and flow toys, and can be found at music and arts festivals all over the country spreading joy and laughter in his wake. 

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